20 July 2010 @ 11:01 am
Hear me roar!  
You all should be very proud of me - I went running this morning! For the first time in... um... an embarrassingly long time. It was before May, I know that much. But yesterday, bienegold kindly reminded me that the 8 mile race I agreed to run with her this summer is in less than 2 months. 2 MONTHS. So, scared out of my mind, I decided to start training (something she's been doing for months now).

Since Matt works further away now, and my hours got cut to only 40 per week, instead of 44, our morning schedules no longer synch up. I still get up with him around 7am, but while he leaves around 7:45, I don't need to leave until 9:15. This leaves me with a whole lotta time in the morning. So far I've been using it to wash dishes, clean the cat litter, spend some time enjoying my morning coffee instead of drinking it as I drive in to work... but no longer! As of this morning, I am using that time to RUN!

Today, my first day back, was... awful. I ran about 3 miles - running 1.5 miles, then walking about a quarter mile, then running another 1.5 miles. It took about 40 min, which isn't terrible for about 5k, but I wanted to dieeeee by the end of it. I had to give myself mental pep talks (changing "you can do this; don't die now" under my breath as I ran) just to make it that last mile. Bleh. But I did it. And I also got in to work waaaay later than I'd thought because I had a billion other things to do this morning. I've got to learn some better time management...

But for now, it's enough to say I ran. And I will run tomorrow. And Thursday. And not Friday, because I have pole dance that day and that is enough physical activity. But Saturday, Sunday, next week, and the weeks beyond? Oh yeah. I will be running then too.
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