17 December 2009 @ 11:03 am
Mission 101 Update  
This is the first of a few more end-of-year/new-year posts that I'll be writing over the next few weeks. To start things off, I wanted to return to my Mission 101 in 1001 list. Started on February of this year, it's now been 319 days since I started, and I have 682 (or approximately 1.8 years) left. To be honest, I haven't been actively pursuing goals like I probably will when I have 50 days left, but I have been achieving some just because when I made this list I knew there were certain things I was bound to accomplish in 2009. I've been crossing some things off as they go, but here (FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER(EVER(EVER(ever))) is the complete list of Mission 101 things I did in 2009:

You can see the whole Mission 101 in 1001 list here

In progress (# complete - if applicable)

005. Write a story of 50+ pages (my NaNo novel is at 38 pages right now)
007. Join a play (Spoon River Anthology)
010. Pick a new skill and learn it! (Pole Dance!)

013. Join an exercise class (also Pole Dance!)
018. Buy good running shoes
021. Walk a portion of the Appalachian Trail (Mary's Rock on Skyline Drive)

022. Learn to cook 30 recipes well and create a cookbook
024. Cook with 10 new vegetables (Butternut Squash, Shallots)
026. Make my own pizza (2/21/09)

030. Buy new glasses
033. Have a pedicure done
034. Improve complexion (until I'm comfortable without wearing makeup)

Social Life
035. Attend 5 Meetup.com events (3/5)
036. Host a dinner party
037. Send Christmas cards on time
041. Go to Kings Dominion park with friends
042. Attend a concert
044. Make 2 local friends I can call up to hang out with

053. Contribute an idea to the New Blue Group
057. Learn a new programming language (XSL)

066. Visit Central Park in the summer
067. Go to the beach
068. Visit all the Smithsonian museums in DC

073. Donate clothes I don't wear every 3 months
074. Organize books

081. Have an in-depth discussion with someone about religion

082. Read 75+ books
086. Finish one of the books I started in 2008 (PT Barnum Biography)
088. Join the library

090. Buy a coffee table (Matt already has one!)
096. Have my own Christmas Tree
097. Teach the kittens to stay off the kitchen counter (Really we just blocked off the kitchen, but success none the less!)
100. Tell someone I love them and mean it ♥

So I've started/finished 33/101. All in all, not bad for 10 months, but I think 2010 is really going to see me crossing off things that just *need* to get done, and hopefully improving areas where I'm lacking - for instance, I haven't started or finished a single thing in the Greater Good or Career categories. Whoops.

Anyway - an actual Year-In-Review is coming up (I know you're dying to read it) and also some New Year's Resolutions (on top of all these goals, lol). Hope everyone else is enjoying their last days of the decade!
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