06 November 2009 @ 10:02 am
Okay, so after running myself to a standstill by writing based on a premise, I realized I really needed to stop and think about what was really running the show here. My character had just met the villain and yet I had no idea what the interaction between them should be like, cause there was nothing at stake yet. So I did some big hard thinking on my commute yesterday and today (an hour commute does give you ample time for big hard thinking) and right before pulling into work today, I got it!

And once I had one little bit figured out, it was like everything fell into place! I knew how my FMC would meet her romantic counterpart/partner in crime! New plot threads sprung up like daisies! Characters that I'd barely sketched out finally had purpose! And best of all, I have a semblance of a final conflict - I at least know how to get in and out, though admittedly the conflict details aren't there yet. But I can't even express how excited I am! It's like new life was breathed into my novel, and it's no longer all disjointed and contrived. My MC actually has a purpose!

But the downside... I'm already behind on word count, by about 1000 words. And making these plot changes basically means I have to rewrite my first 7K because I decided to have her enter the AU Chicago a completely different way, and meet the Prince earlier than she is now. Completely necessary changes, but I hate to go back and edit now. The only silver lining is that I can cannibalize my original beginning quite a bit, and anything I cut out I'm still going to leave in my doc, just in white font or something. So my word count shouldn't go down at least.

The other downside is that I don't know how much time I have to work on it today. I have to do my Project Assessment today, plus I have some defects to work on. So I'm going to try and be super productive and fit it all in, and hopefully I won't fall back on my word count even more. At least Matt is out of town this weekend, so if I need to, I can pull a bit of an all nighter to boost my words...

Oooh, also I put this cool steampunky theme on my firefox so now I can be forced to happily think of my novel whenever I'm browsing the web!
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05 November 2009 @ 01:15 pm
A stern talking to...  
Dear self,

You and I both know that you have no time to write tonight, or indeed at any other point today except for right now. And I know - really, I do! - that you don't know what happens next. That your villain's plan is something that he hasn't yet shared with you. And you want to just skip past it and write about cool characters, like Ben and Spek. But if you skip this, then your character can't react to it later and you'll be in a worse pile of shit than you are now.
So please stop procrastinating by looking up college friends' profiles on Facebook and writing polite letters to yourself, and actually START WRITING.

No love,
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04 November 2009 @ 12:20 pm
And now the NaNoWriMo update  
Cut for people who just don't care.Collapse )

And in brief:

7024 / 50000 words ~ 14% done!

[ETA] Made my goal and wrote another 2K today, now at 7024 words. Introduced Prince Jacob, and made my first pass at describing the steampunk version of Chicago. Probably failed utterly, but oh well..
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04 November 2009 @ 10:59 am
Real post first, then NaNo...  
So things are more or less looking up. My sickness has eased into just a cough that keeps me up at night, but no more fever and my appetite has come back! (I'm being reminded of this by my very grumbly tummy)

Matt's birthday was yesterday, as we got to make up a little for the last of anything on our 6-month. I made him enchiladas, which are his favorite dish of mine, and we watched Howl's Moving Castle because he said he wanted to. I got him a really cute birthday Stitch plushie (he pointed out that he wanted it at DisneyWorld and it took me aaaages to track down, but worth it!) and a sweater, and some Superman boxers, and a PC game - Demigod. Of all these, he was most excited by the game. Of course. Plus we had cheesecake birthday cake, cause regular cake is for squares, obvi.
We were supposed to go out with his family tonight to Texas de Brazil for dinner, but he got a call from his mother this morning that his grandma (who was recently diagnosed with cancer) isn't doing well at all. So instead they're making a family visit to see her in the hospital. I just hope she's doing better. Matt was so upset when he found out about the cancer, I can't even imagine how hard it's going to be on him when she passes away... I know it has to happen at some point, but I can at least wish that it's not the same week as his birthday.

In slightly better news, I got an email from the director of the Spoon River play. I decided not to try out because it was too much of a time commitment, and with Matt just getting out of his play, I wanted us to have some time to spend together. Plus there's a few productions in the spring that I was to try out for (like "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change" and even better... RENT!). Anyway, she emailed and actually asked me to take a part without having to audition. I guess she didn't have enough people audition and since she knows me from improv, knew that I could handle a role. She explained that it would be minimal rehearsal time since the play is mostly monologues and we can rehearse separately whenever is best for us. So I went ahead and accepted, since I can mitigate the time commitment better. So yay - play?

Is 11:15 too early to eat lunch? Even if you didn't eat breakfast...??
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02 November 2009 @ 03:58 pm
Worst. November 1. Ever.

It should have been awesome. It was Matt and I's 6-month anniversary and we were going to go hiking and I was going to write my 1,667 words for NaNo while he was out in the morning.

BUT NO. Life hates me.

Instead I was very very very sick. So I've spent the last two days running a fever and coughing so hard it sometimes makes me throw up. If I'm not incredibly hot and sweating, then I am shivering under 5 blankets. Plus I have a headache and my eyes hurt.


I stayed home from work today because I got up, took a steaming hot shower (still had goosebumps and was freezing) and then went right back to bed. I've spent probably 60% of today sleeping. And the other 40% writing. And I'm still not even at 1667 words. I'm at 1500 something. But I can't stand being on the computer any more today, so I'm giving up for now and hoping to catch up.

What an awful start to NaNoWriMo.
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29 October 2009 @ 11:36 am
This isn't actually the entry I meant to write.  
There are some heavy issues floating around on my friends list today, enough for me to spend my morning reading up on rape culture, Jungian philsophy, and Daniel Quinn's proposed societal reform. I'm hardly the person to comment on any of this though. Which is weird. Actually.

And as I thought that, I started commenting on it.Collapse )
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26 October 2009 @ 11:20 am
OMG 1 WEEK TIL NANO, I'm not freaking out at all. I'm sure I'll figure out my villain's plot and what my MC has to do with it before Nov 1... no problem....

*a hem*

Anyway, this weekend was terribly productive (in all non-novelling ways). My cousin and her husband came over for dinner on Saturday - I made hummus and pesto from scratch and they came out deliciously! Now I need to buy more pita for all my leftover hummus... Oh, I also made bellinis cause we've had a bottle of champagne in fridge for almost a month now. I guess we could have opened it for our 6-month next weekend, but who really likes the taste of plain champagne anyway?

I also massively cleaned/organized our garage yesterday while Matt was at rehearsal. We now have space to fit a car in or even use our foosball table! Plus it was nice to narrow down exactly how many boxes we still need to unpack (Matt: 2, Me: 5... ouch). We also wanted it clean for the halloween party next weekend, so that's one thing off the to-do list. Now we just have to decorate and fix up our costumes...

In other news... I talked with my personnel manager on Tuesday since our end-of-the-year review type thing is coming up. We (thankfully) talked about my project and how disappointing it's been so far, and how I'm not doing the kind of work I want to. And then I told her that my old team lead wants me to get on another project (EADIS) and that they have developer positions open (which she knew) and that it's only 4 miles from my house (seriously I could bike there). And it finally clicked I guess that this would be a good project for me (or at least a better one) so she asked for my resume and she's going to work her managerial magic to get me switch over there. Cross your fingers for me guys, this would be awesome if it panned out.

Oh, and yesterday Matt and I watched more Firefly (he'd never seen it, shame shame! (just like sanestlunatic)) and I've determined that disc 3 is the best possible disc. It has Out of Gas, Ariel, War Stories, and Trash. Soooo good. Up next is The Message and Heart of Gold, which I am meh about.
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21 October 2009 @ 11:35 am
TODAY - I'm back on the NaNoWriMo wagon, after deciding a week or two ago that plot was stupid, I was making no progress, and I wasn't going to think about it for a while. Well, it still seems stupid, but oh well, I think I need to get in some pre-writing work in order to finish this happily. So I'm posting a few resources that I'm using.

MEANWHILE - roll call! I know a few of you are doing NaNo this year, who else? If we're not already writing buddies on the site, drop me you name in a comment and I'll add you. Or, add me! I'm orange_avocado as always.

FINALLY - If you hate NaNoWriMo and all things related to it, and never want to hear me talk about it again - Let Me Know! I'll create a subfilter so that you don't have to listen to me whine about writing.

And now, on with the plotting - Muahahaha!Collapse )

Hm.. must look for a good writing icon...
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20 October 2009 @ 12:01 pm
Of Fitness and Octopus.  
Ready to be proud of me? I worked out last night! I did a 25-min run and then some ST for a total of ~530 cal burned. Of course, it was not without a few hitches. For one, I made the bad mistake of deciding to run outside, since I'd just been telling bienegold how there's a nice, paved, marked trail a block away from my house. Plus the weather isn't scary cold or raining like it was last week, so I thought I'd take advantage. Except that by the time I could start, at 7:30, it was already dark. Well, despite that my area of town is basically nicknamed Little Mexico (though our townhouse community has always seemed pretty safe), I decided to go out anyway, since usually the trail has people on it and I thought it would be well lit.

It was NEITHER. Dark. And empty. Except for three guys hanging out on the trail talking as I ran by into a tree-lined, very dark area. Sooo.. I decided this was probably not the safest place to run, and dodged into a well-lit neighborhood. Then I continued running on some well-trafficked streets. Yay for molestation-aversion!

Also the ST exercises I got from Fitness magazine left much to be desired. Maybe cause I was using too small of weights, but also, I think, cause they sucked.

So, DILEMMA time - I don't want to break my (one day) streak, but I found out there's a Knox homecoming happy hour this Wednesday that I really want to go to. I don't think I'll be able to work out after, and I'm busy on Tuesday and Thursday as well... OH NOES, when do I work out??

Oh, and on a non-fitness subject, this shop has the CUTEST. HATS. EVER. Most especially this octopus one which has sadly been sold already. And they're reasonably priced! If someone were looking for a fairly inexpensive XMas gift to get me, they would probably be well served to go here... Just saying.
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26 August 2009 @ 10:59 am
I tweet so much more than I update my LJ...  
Which means if you're not on twitter, you're missing out. Luckily fine people like sanestlunatic, dramedy, and bienegold get all me all the time.

Anyway.... I hate unpacking, I now have a bright red closet and a stain on the carpet that Matt was delightfully forgiving about, and speaking of carpet accidents, we are *never* dog sitting for my cousin again.
Oh, and my paid account ran out... now I'm debating if I want to renew it just to have my icons back when in reality I probably don't use more than 6 anyway...

Did you want actually content? Or are you just happy that I'm updating? :D

PS: Sooper Sekrit message for operachik19: I watched the video*! What was your comment?
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